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Juices for freshness

Fresh Juices

Fresh juice is often considered a healthier alternative to processed juice. Since it contains no added sugars or preservatives. Drinking fresh juice can help increase fluid intake, improve digestion, support a healthy immune system, and provide a boost of vitamins and minerals.


However, it's important to consume fresh juice in moderation and to include a variety of other whole foods in a balanced diet, as consuming large amounts of juice can lead to a rapid increase in blood sugar levels and the loss of some of the fiber found in whole fruits and vegetables.


ABC Juice

Here's a quick and easy recipe for ABC juice, which is made from apples, beets, and carrots:


1. 2 medium-cored and sliced apples
2. 1 medium peeled and sliced beet
3. 2 medium peeled and sliced carrots
4. 1-inch ginger slice (optional)
5. Water (if required)



Step 1: Wash and prepare the fruits and veggies.
Step 2: In a juicer, combine the cut apples, beets, carrots, and ginger (if using).
Step 3: Blend until all of the ingredients are juiced.
Step 4: Adjust the juice's consistency with a little water if necessary.
Step 5: Pour into glasses and serve right away.

Enjoy your fresh and nutritious ABC juice!